A healthy, balanced and regular food is the solid foundation of our diet, but what to do in case of lactose or casein intolerance?

For 19 years we have been developing, producing and distributing dried vegetable drinks under the brand TOPNATUR. Our products are a great alternative for those who are limited by the above-mentioned intolerance, but also for those who will simply want to enjoy healthily. Each drink is original. Whether it's spelled, rice or oats - every key raw lends to that drinks its specific characteristics, and especially delicious flavor! Within this broad spectrum of our offer everyone will find the "YOUR" :). And if you had a proposal for a new vegetable drink, do not hesitate to write to us. Your comments and suggestions are welcome with joy.

TOPNATUR brand supplements are also great for digestive problems, while taking antibiotics, traveling long distances, but also in the case known as slimming swimsuit. Green foods, probiotic products but also psyllium are right here, ready for you :)

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